About Us

Pagan Pride Raleigh is the Central NC Chapter of the international Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster pride in Pagan identity, and to eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs, all through education, activism, charity and community.

Our most important activity is hosting our autumnal celebration, the Central NC Pagan Pride Day Festival. Open to the general public, this festival offers both entertainment and education in the form of a large variety of social, commercial and spiritual activities. Attendees are welcome to join or observe rituals, attend workshops, meet with a variety of local groups, and and much more, all in a festival environment full of vendors, music, and fun.

The Pagan Pride Project, Inc, is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, so your donations are tax deductible.


Many people have volunteered their time and resources to make this event happen.  Here are a few that have taken direct responsibility for key aspects of the festival:

Johnson - Co-Local Coordinator / Web Mystic

I'm Johnson and this year  I am co-LC for CNCPPD with Melissa and Daddio.   Both deeply spiritual and terribly irreverent, I have followed Pagan paths for about 25 years, which is amazing since I am only 24.  Really.  Honest.
Born in South Carolina, raised here in North Carolina, I strayed from the promised land for about 10 years, working my way up the east coast, finally settling in Maine where I fell in love and got married. Once we had spent about 5 winters in Maine, we realized it was really cold there.  Seven years ago we moved back to NC and will probably stay for a long while.
This will be my third year as a co-LC of this, one of the largest and most successful PPD festivals in the world, and I am excited about doing it again this year, with even more attendees, more food donations, more blood donations, more press coverage, and above all, the most fun we can have with our clothes on.

Melissa - Co-Local Coordinator/Auction & Raffles

My name is Melissa and this year I am serving as one of the Local Coordinators for CNC-PPD.

I'm a Yankee at heart, an original from Pittsburgh, PA and have been in Raleigh almost two and a half years now. As I look back, it occurs to me that I've probably always followed Pagan spirituality, though it was only after moving here that I immersed myself in finding guidance and others like me.  My search brought me to Church of the Earth and I've been fortunate to have found incredibly wonderful friends. This is my second year volunteering for CNC-PPD and I currently serve on the board of Church of the Earth.

I'm looking forward to another successful Pagan Pride Days event this year.

Daddio - Co-Local Coordinator/Technical Director

My name is Daddio Mangum and I'm one of the Co-Local Coordinators.  This is my second year as a Co-LC and 6th year being a part of this great event.  

I'm a native of Raleigh making Ric and myself members of an "elite" group.  I'm a member of the Church of the Earth, a member of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA) and a member of the Order of the Yew..

I look forward to meeting everyone and helping create a successful and memorable event for all. 

Ric - First and Only Entertainment Program Director - 6 Years Running, 7th Year Volunteering at PPD

I was born and raised in Raleigh, making me one of the few natives of Raleigh around. I've been involved with a number of different groups, from Eclectic Paganism to Shadow Tradition Witchcraft, in the area. I consider myself to be a Traditional Witch. Sadly I've seen many groups disappear in the over the years. But new ones have formed from the ashes, and thru it all The Church of the Earth has weathered all the storms to be the most enduring group in the area.

Currently I run the Raleigh Goddess, Pagans, and Witches Meetup Groups, two Witchcraft related Yahoo Groups, I'm a long time member of Church of the Earth, belong to a local coven, as well as being the Entertainment for the Central NC Pagan Pride Day.

Laurel - Vendors

Hi I’m Laurel and am the Vendor Coordinator for the 2012 PPD event. I have been a vendor at PPD for the past 5 years and have participated as a vendor at a number of other festivals and fairs.  I moved to Raleigh 17 years ago (does that make me almost a native?) and was delighted to find an active Pagan community.  I’m looking forward to providing a wonderful vendor experience for you all this year!

And, contrary to the interesting write up which was so graciously provided for me previously, I don’t sparkle. However, I DO like big mutts (and small and medium sized ones as well!). (And I don't look anything at all like this - purple eye shadow - really??)

Kristy - Graphics & Printing Coordinator

I'm Kristy from Wake Forest. Since the first time I went to the PPD I wanted to be a part of it. I happen to find Church of The Earth and fell in love with everyone. Now I am able to be a part of PPD as the Graphics & Printing Coordinator.
I have an Associates in Graphic Design, Certificate in Web Design and a Certificate of Completion for The New Horizons School of IT. I am currently taking classes at Wake Tech for Web Programming. I have a mini "Sign Shop" in my office with everything I need to make designing stuff possible! Yay Garoffice!

Davyd & Renee - Kids' Activities

This will be Davyd and Renee's third year of managing Kids' Activities for the festival. 

Tamara - Main Information Booth

This will be Tamara's second official year of managing the main information booth, though she's unofficially run it since before it was a separate booth.

Heather - Workshops

This will be Heather's first official year managing Workshops, though she actually stepped up at the last minute last year to take this over.

Brian - Public Relations

Brian has agreed to help us with Public Relations this year.   Let's hope he survives the PR curse...

Austin - Volunteers

Austin will be finding and managing volunteers for us this year.

Beth - Rituals

Beth will help line up leaders for all our public rituals this year.