We have lots of great entertainment this year, both on the main stage and around the festival. Listen to live music, watch belly dancing, hooping and medieval arms, demonstrations and even participate in an interactive drum circle. We are very excited about the huge variety of acts and performances planned for the event.

So read highlights about some of the performances below, then make sure to check the schedule so you don't miss your favorites!

"This Means War!"

European Medieval Arts of Arms

For everyone who enjoys the history of the sword. For everyone who enjoys the Martial Arts. For everyone who loves the sound of steel on steel. Those brave knights are back again, to risk life and limb for honor and glory. They, who have thrilled us year after year, risking injury and sore muscles to give you a taste of days gone by. Come and enjoy. Come and learn. Come and cheer on the fighters as they pay homage to and show their admiration for the warriors of ancient days who fought with courage, skill, and a good piece of steel. You'll find them just inside the entrance. Just follow the sound of steel on steel.To find more about EMAA, go to their website.  www.emaaknights.com
BARROWBURN - a Raleigh, NC based band presenting traditional Celtic music on acoustic instruments for dances, public performances, group meetings, and private engagements throughout North Carolina.
Barrowburn prides itself in its versatility. They are equally at home ripping through a set of jigs or reels as they are rendering the simple beauty of a slow air or lament. They perform both legacy and contemporary ballads from the tradition as well as comical pub songs that are best accompanied by a swinging pint of Guinness. In concert, they demonstrate their love for Celtic music, but do so from an American perspective. You can find out more about Barrowburn at

ONE TRIBE - One Tribe…One Heartbeat. ..One Sound. One Tribe is a gathering of sounds and rhythms, energy and togetherness. Started off as a side project from local Raleigh gatherings, One Tribe has now taken shape into a journey of musical exploration. Creating not only traditional rhythms, but extending out into multi-cultural landscapes. Multiple people, multiple personalities, multiple instruments…One Purpose…Unity.  www.onetriberhythms.com 




FOLKSTAR - Folkstar is a folk-rock band from Wilmington, NC. Their music is a fusion of acoustic folk songwriting and rock and blues flavor. With thought-provoking lyrics and fiery guitar licks, the music is both catchy and unique. Check them out at www.facebook.com/#!/folkstarmusic



MERMAID MORRIGAN - Cindy Rhodes aka Mermaid Morrigan, is an accomplished musician & award-winning artist living in beautiful coastal North Carolina. With her classical training & performance experience, she now uses her talent to compose & perform her original compositions for the piano & hammered dulcimer. Combining the grounded tones of the piano & the airborne tones of the dulcimer, she creates what she calls "mermaid music," an ethereal concoction of soundwaves that places the listener into her meditative mermaid world. Currently, she is completing a new CD to be called "Mermaid's Blessings!" www.mermaidmansion.com







REBEKAH  - ATS and Fusion Belly dancer, and fire dancer. Rebekah's philosophy is "While I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot seperate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance." ~Hans Bos~
VIOLET ARCANE - Succubus Sorority's own Lady Violet Arcane. Succubus Sorority is a Raleigh-based performance troupe specialising in burlesque, stage performance, fire, and belly dance. Check out the link below to go to there Facebook page and explore their awesomeness.  facebook.com/succubussorority


RAVEN MOONSTAR - Raven Moonstar has been training for 4 years with Xavier Shadowdancer at Twisted Dance Studio in Greensboro, NC. While expanding her knowledge in egyptian cabaret style and expanding in doing solo performances her latest performances include student hafla's produced by the studio, performing at PPD last year, and performing as a wandering belly dancer at the Greensboro Summer Solstice. She mainly likes to use rock music with her dancing to express her style as a solo artist.