Local Groups

Many local groups will host booths at the festival, providing information about their organizations and more! 

Ancient Ways: The Black Swans

We are an eclectic group located in Fayetteville, NC. We meet for all Sabbats as well as perform handfastings, dedications and teach.

Awen's Light Grove

Awen’s Light Grove is a modern druid ‘grove’ of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Most of our members are OBOD members, though membership is not required to attend meetings. We meet monthly in the Raleigh, NC area and discuss druid spiritual growth, environmental concerns and drive actions that we have underway to improve the ecological condition of our communities. The goal of ALG is to: - support the modern druid in his/her spiritual growth through the OBOD path - help make a difference by honoring our ecological values, and - celebrating the Wheel of the Year through druid ceremony and ritual

Carolina Spirit Quest, Inc.

Carolina Spirit Quest is a diverse Pagan community of all types of individuals and families working together for a Pagan friendly world. We serve as a role model for all spiritual groups through networking and building community in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. We honor our elders, welcome our children, and celebrate diverse spiritual practices through sponsoring events and other activities.

Central NC Pagan Pride Days Information

Learn about the Pagan Pride project, pick up brochures and pamphlets from many local groups and paths, and get involved in planning and executing next year's festival.

Central NC Witches & Pagans Meetup Group

Central NC Witches & Pagans is a non-affiliated, volunteer, public meetup.com group. This group is a space for people to connect for reasons of magick and community. Celebrate Sabbats in a Village Holiday setting. Connect with students, teachers, covens, celebration and more.

Church of the Earth of NC

The Church of the Earth of NC is a local gathering place in Raleigh NC for followers of the Earth Religions. We follow redes and tenets created by a merging of Wicca, Celtic Druidism, Kabballah, and Native American Shamanism.


Fruitcakes: A group serving as a magical bridge in the Raleigh area for the Pagan and Queer communities in ways that support, educate, and celebrate our diversity

Golden Phoenix Society

"We are an eclectic Earth based spiritual group looking to share positive energies with others.We are an openly diverse spiritually practicing group. Our intent is to enhance personal and collective energies as well as foster spiritual community, teaching and learning. We encourage the sharing of knowledge of all paths in an accepting environment. We are located in Goldsboro, N.C. in Wayne County and are currently looking to network with new members. Please reach out to goldenphoenixsociety@gmail.com for more information. Golden Phoenix Society is sponsoring two local artisans for vending. Sosanna's Closet - Renee Olson and Howling Flame Creations - Kaitlyn Matthiessen. Both have graciously donated a portion of their sales to GPS. "

Idhavelli Hof

Iðavelli Hof (or Idhavelli Hof) is a Heathen organization dedicated to establishing land and hof buildings consecrated to the Aesir & Vanir in the Hillsborough, NC area. We believe that consecrated land is vital to the practice and continuation of our religion. Consecrated land held in common provides a dedicated place for worship, fellowship, and education. While we work towards this goal, we will provide educational programs and religious services for those who wish to worship the Aesir & Vanir in frithful fellowship and/or who are interested in Heathenry.

Loxley Abbey Church

A family church following a medieval pagan path that centers around the seasonal life of the village.

The Dragon's Cauldron

The Dragon's Cauldron is the Central North Carolina gropu celebrating in the Reclaiming tradition. Reclaiming is a tradition of Witchcraft dedicated to personal empowerment, teaching and weaving magic, and unifying spirit with political and social action.

The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show

The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Radio Show entertains listeners with the concept of Many Paths, One Destination. Kala delivers enlightening and inspiring interviews with world renowned authors, artists, teachers and researchers delving into Metaphysical and Paranormal Topics as well as new discoveries in the Scientific and Spiritual arenas. Download over 350 shows in the archives on ExploreYourSpirit.com for FREE!

Wake County Animal Center

The Wake County Animal Center and their Mobile Adoption Unit will be at the festival both days with animals available for adoption, and collecting goods for the creatures!   Learn more about the Pet Drive at this year's festival.

Wilson Pagans

Wilson Pagans is a group made up of pagans and like minded people that are located around Wilson, NC. We are a “family” group that gets together to share, socialize, and learn from one another and supports each other and our community, as well as our sister groups. We get together to travel to pagan events and other happenings that interest us. We have volunteered and /or attended the Central NC Pagan Pride Day, Mayfaire, Shadow Harvest, NC Outdoor Pagans’ events, Charlotte PPD,Renn Faires, the Native American Spirit and Nature Walk, and Zombie Walks, Wilson Ag Center, and Truely Unique’s Annual Earth Day Celebration . We host the Monster Bash, a Halloween costumed party to help raise funds for the local Spiral Scout group.