Our vendors and local groups have donated a wide variety of goods and services to be raffled and auctioned off.


We will have multiple raffles going on during the festival.  Buy as many raffle tickets as you like and gather when the drawings are announced for the selection of winners by the blind hand of Fate (or maybe Melissa if Fate is busy again.).

Here are some of the items donated for this year, so far:

Gift Basket from Sosanna’s Closet

A basket of hand made items, including:

      Wheel of the Year Wreath – Altar size (6 inches)

      Witch’s Rosary – Glass Beads

      Travel Altar Box 

Suit of Armor Sculpture (3 feet tall) from Truely Unique

Standing 3 feet tall, this incredibly detailed, museum replica knight in full armor is a "truely unique" conversation piece.  Come to Pagan Pride Raleigh and buy lots of raffle tickets so he (or she, I mean, how can you really tell?) can stand guard in your home.

Say hello to my little friend "Desmond"
from Tree of LIfe Designs.

Ed Dougherty wrote "Just finished carving my donation for PPD."

Amethyst Crystal Cluster* from Obsidian's Caldera

Fran "Obsidian" Harris wrote, "This is an Amethyst Cluster, a gorgeous collection of Amethyst crystals bursting from a base. This cluster has not been treated."

* stand/base not included.

Here are a few items from last year's raffles:

Crystal Ball

This is a 5" diameter (a little larger than a music CD) Quartz Crystal Ball, retailing for $140. Manufactured by first pulverizing and then melting a powder of pure natural quartz - the ball is then hand-carved from a solid clear block. It is not glass, nor is lead used in its manufacture. It is all Quarz Crystal, resulting in a gorgeous and clear ball.

Truely Unique - truelyunique.com

Altar Guardians

Hello there!  We are Altar Guardians- little draconic fae that have found our way here and hopefully into your home! We provide protection over altars, houses, children and cookies. Please be careful with us, as we are NOT toys and fragile to roughhousing. We can perch just about anywhere, but be cautious- we like warm places so do not let us hide in the oven or the microwave. Also, beware if you leave your cabinets open- we have sweet teeth and are likely to only leave you crumbs. We hope you adopt one of us today!

Each guardian has its own name and little story that goes home with it. Pictured here is the ice guardian, Frost. He won't be going to auction, but one of his friends will.

White Hart's Haunt - whiteharthaunt.etsy.com

Jewelry Box

This is a beautiful, hand carved jewelry box, with lined inner tray and ornate carved decorations.

Earth Tradtions - earthtraditions.com

Bacchus Cast Wall Hanging

My wife says it is very nice.  Too bad we can't play...

Raven's Willow - stores.shop.ebay.com/Ravens-Willow-Enchantments