Many authors, practitioners and artisans will be sharing their knowledge and skills in workshops at the festival.    All workshops are free, with materials and supplies generously donated by our workshop leaders.


Saturday September 15th Sunday September 16th

Group 1


Magick 101
Leader:  Magus

Wild Earth Magick with Poetry
Leader:  Dena Ferrari

Living the 4 Agreements & Hermetic Principles
Leader:  Deb Roberts
Open Your Chakras
Leader:  Lunapo

Magical Rocks
Leader:  Fran "Obsidian" Harris

The Pagan Roots of Hoodoo
Leader:  Sister Sarah

Group 2


Fire Poi Spinning for Beginners
Leader:  Katie

Children's Wand Making
Leader:  Serendipity the Fairy

Star Kids
Leader:  Fran "Obsidian" Harris
Leader:  Darrell Steen

Spell Writing Through Poetry
Leader:  Lunapo

Herbs for Health & Power
Leader:  Aimee

Group 3


Leader:  Arcanus Greywolf

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Leader:  Chris Wilhoit

Stone Favorites and Pendulum Use
Leader:  Linda Reany 
Spiritual House Cleaning
Leader:  Magus

Children's Wand Making
Leader:  Serendipity the Fairy

Raw Spirit
Leader:  Shirley Hunsberger

Group 4


Make Your Own Incense Blends
Leader:  Magus

Prayer Flags
Leader:  Laurel

Co-creative Ritual Planning
Leader:  Raleigh Fruitcakes 
Color Magick
Leader: Kara Skye

Basic Rune Reading
Leader: Starlight Calaio

To Be Announced