An introduction to the science and art of alchemy. In this workshop we will look briefly into the history of alchemy, some of its various concepts, ideas and symbols, and how one can incorporate alchemy into their own workings.

Arcanus Greywolf

Arcanus Greywolf has been a practicing pagan and student of the occult for going on about 25 years. He has been a solitary, a convener, a High Priest and has become a solitary once more.

He has always been fascinated with magick from both the earth-based religions as well as the "high-magick" that was practiced by the ancients and occult scholars of the middle ages. He sees alchemy and western occult traditions as the "science" once practiced by people even as early as 150 years ago. He blends both modern theoretical science with alchemy and natural philosophy into his own personal philosophy and spirituality. He feels something was lost when mankind turned to hard empirical science and alchemy became a "pseudo" science. This has caused him to earn a reputation of being a "mad scientist" by some.

Arcanus Greywolf is not yet illustrious, but is an aspiring writer of poetry, modern-fantasy and science fiction involving esoteric topics such as alchemy. He enjoys sharing his knowledge experiences with others in hopes that they too will combine "above with below" and create the Philosopher's Stone for themselves.