Color Magick

Learn how color affects your life on all levels.  Explore the magickal, psychological, societal, and biological impact that color has on Us. We will be discussing the basic meanings & associations of the colors, how to use them to further our magicks, how society uses them, and scientific studies on the influence that color has on our brains-development-bodies-sleep -eating needs- behavior-and more. Color Formulas that will be included: ‘How to get the Job’, reduce stress, inspire confidence, eat healthier and lose weight, increase brain activity (be smarter, longer) will be included.

Kara Skye

Eclectic Witchcraft Practioner for over 17 years, Artist, and 'Self Study Nerd'.  Owner of "Life Eclectic".  Editor-&-Cheif of "The Spinning Wheel :a NC witches & pagans magazine". Organizer of the "Central NC Witches & Pagans Group". (400 strong & growing)

Lives, studies, and practices color magick everyday... not only for myself and family, but also in all of the art & crafts I make for others.