Magick 101

Saturday, September 15th, 11:45am--12:30pm
This is an absolute beginners’ class. Ever wanted to get started in a magickal discipline, but had no clue where to start? This is it.  We will cover how to prepare a space for ritual, what ritual should consist of, timing, tools, raising energy and banishing, setting and meeting goals, keeping diaries, magickal correspondences and much more.  This class will not be geared toward any particular religious preference, but rather it will suit any religion, so long as there is room in the ideology of the religion for magick. There are Christians who practice magick and Christians who do not. There are Wiccans who practice magick and Wiccans who do not, and so forth. This class will be about magick, not religion. No prior magickal experience is required. Participants are encouraged to take notes.


Magus is a practicing magician in the vein of the Ceremonial, Pagan and Hoodoo traditions. As a Golden Dawn initiate, he studies and practices the Western Tradition and as a Hoodoo and Pagan practitioner, he follows a solitary path. As the owner of the Thaumaturgy 777 metaphysical shop in Durham, NC, Magus (pronounced may-jus) offers high quality goods and services to the Triangle area.