Raw Spirit

Listen to the story of our journey and learn how our path towards a raw food diet affected our spirit . You may be in pain or have some sort of DIS Ease . This may be the answer to your prayers as it was ours . Our family has experienced healing and increased awareness on this path . There are so many parallels to our awareness of this diet and our awareness of the pagan faith it is as if our minds and our bodies are now both in sync . We do not pretend to be anyone special just two people who would like to share with interested folks how they can perhaps improve the quality of their lives and / or others .

Shirley Hunsberger

Shirley and her partner have been a raw foodist for five years and were Raw vegans before that .Shirley has attended many raw spirit fetsivals and has led workshops on how to make green smoothies at whole foods and teach raw food preparation classes . She has also been pagan for about the same number of years .