We often run our meetings as teleconferences.  For smaller meetings, we may use audio only, then collaborate on a shared document.  For larger groups it tends to work better for one participant to share their screen with everyone else.

Join audio by calling +1(218)936-7999 and entering access code 450162.

Collaborating on a shared document is easy.  Just open one of our documents at the same time.  You will each see color coded cursors representing the other collaborators, and everyone will see changes happening in real time.  If document isn't shared, just open it, click the share button, then make any changes you need to make, including adding the email addresses of other participants.

For screen sharing we use Zoho meeting.  To join the Zoho meeting, use the small dialog below.  Once you join, you can change between the different clients (HTML5, Java, Flash, or ActiveX) to find the one that suits you best.

Note that this page is currently not in the menus, but is visible to anyone with the URL, or who might stumble on it in a search.